veritas medical centre
providing comprehensive services in obstetrics, gynaecology and women's health
with special interests in:  high-risk pregnancy,  prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormalities,
chorionic villous biopsy, amniocentesis, advanced obstetric and gynaecology ultrasound,
colposcopy, menstrual disorders, investigation for infertility,
laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery.
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+ antenatal care for healthy women
+ bleeding and pain in early pregnancy
+ book - pregnancy
+ breastfeeding
+ breastfeeding video
+ dad to be - what to expect
+ exercise in pregnancy
+ exercise during pregnancy
+ exercise recreational in pregnancy
+ fetal movement
+ father's guide to pregnancy
+ genetic disorders
+ infection in pregnancy
   + chickenpox in pregnancy
   + group b streptococcus gbs in pregnancy
   + gbs risk in pregnancy
    + herpes genitalia in pregnancy
   + hiv in pregnancy
   + listeriosis in pregnancy
   + listeriosis safer food choices
    + parvovirus b19 in pregnancy
   + swine flue ( h1 n1 )in pregnancy
    + screening for infectious diseases
   + toxoplasmosis in pregnancy
    + vaccination in pregnancy
+ late childbirth
+ mental health in pregnancy
+ nutrition in pregnancy
   + food safety during pregnancy
   + food safety for moms to be
    + healthy eating in pregnancy
   + iron in your diet
    + omega- 3 fatty acids
    + vitamins & minerals
+ pregnancy after 35
+ perineal message
+ screening in pregnancy
   + birth defects
   + down's syndrome & fetal anomalies
   + genetic disorders
    + jewish genetic disorders
    + information leaflet
    + routine screening tests
    + screening tests for you & your baby
+ sex during pregnancy
+ travel during pregnancy
+ travel by air and pregnancy
+ twins and multiples
+ twins
+ ultrasound examination
+ caesarean section
+ epidural in labor
+ episiotomy
+ forceps or ventouse
+ induction of labor
+ pain relief in labor
+ what happens in labor
+ when labor begins
+ breastfeeding
+ breastfeeding video
+ contraception
+ post natal depression
+ immunisation programme united kingdom
+ immunisation programme australia

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cord blood information
cord blood banking
comparing cord blood banks
all pregnant women should get the flu vaccine
flu prevention is essential prenatal care
routine screening for vitamin d deficiency
during pregnancy not recommended
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new weight advice for pregnancy
weight control eating right and keeping fit
seasonal influenza (flu) information for women who are pregnant, who will be pregnant during flu season, or who are breastfeeding
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due date calculator
cord blood banking:information for parents
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